Halloween Bubble Shooter

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Shoot some Halloween bubbles in Halloween Bubble Shooter to relax! Halloween is all about spookiness and scaring each other. But this time, we are here with a fun game to relax you a little bit. Shoot the bubbles and see them pop out for endless levels!

In this game, there will be a cluster of bubbles accumulation in the table. These bubbles have the faces of scary Halloween characters that we all know like a spooky zombie or a scary green monster. Your aim is to pop out those bubbles so that you are not out of space for new bubbles that keep coming. You have a cannon that shoots these bubbles to the end of the table. You can see both the current bubble that it will shoot and the next bubble that it will be shooting. You should aim at the group of bubbles that are identical with the bubble you will be shooting with that move to pop out a cluster of the same bubbles. This way, you will not only save space to go on the level but also get points. Now play this addictive game with endless levels and save up space while earning points!

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BestGamesFreePlay.com developed Halloween Bubble Shooter.

Release Date

October 22, 2021


2D colorful graphics

Addictive and relaxing gameplay

Intuitive controls

Halloween monsters!

Endless levels


You can use the mouse of your computer to click and send the bubbles.