Idle Farming Business

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Start earning the second you plant your first crops with Idle Farming Business! Harvest your goods with just one click, make a fortune off the vegetables you grow, and unlock achievements to become a worldwide farming master! Get help from the cutest booster friends, and turn your farm into a legendary place!

Welcome to the peaceful farming life you have always dreamed of! Here, you can enjoy both planting and harvesting your crops and making good money for taking good care of them! You can start with your first crops and plant potatoes on the first patch! Now click on them as the game suggests to collect your first coins. Click on the shovel icon to upgrade your plants once you make enough money to do so. This way, you can earn more per harvest. Increase the harvest quality as much as possible and watch your income multiply! Save money to unlock new vegetables and fill the other patches. Improve their qualities to multiply the harvest speed and unlock new features that allow crops to stack until you can harvest them. Use all nine patches, complete hundreds of achievements, and get all the rewards! Get help from the sun and cloud boosters to multiply your income and become the farming king!

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MarketJS developed Idle Farming Business.

Release Date

July 15, 2022


Good 2D graphics

Cute characters

Addictive and fun gameplay

Fun for all ages

110 achievements waiting to be unlocked

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.