Raid Heroes: Total War

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Ready your army for online matches while defending your kingdom with Raid Heroes Total War! Overwhelm the enemy forces with strategic planning and get your kingdom a place in the multiplayer arena! Build new castles and upgrade your heroes with the income they get! Let’s get you to the throne and start with the basic defense tactics!

In this strategy masterpiece, your tactics and the placement of heroes are as important as the heroes themselves! On this battlefield, two perfectly positioned heroes are more than enough to destroy armies of goblins. Start by equipping your first hero, and begin the raid mode. Each win you get in this mode returns you as gold and character cards. You need five cards of a character to recruit them. Use gold to upgrade the character stats of a hero and improve your army power. Advance through the raid levels, complete achievements, and unlock new features. Use tickets to enter online arena fights and test your strength against other players. You can also unlock raids in other regions to earn different rewards. Check the game shop not to miss special deals and upgrade your army even faster! Keep building castles, and take your kingdom to the top of the worldwide scoreboard!

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PERSONA•GAMES developed Raid Heroes Total War.

Release Date

September 15, 2022


Cute cartoon character design

Addictive gameplay with increasing difficulty

Improvable features and heroes

Game modes and unlockable maps

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.