Tiny Landlord

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Build the next world-class city with Tiny Landlord! Pull the right strings in the city economy, make strategical moves, and make more than you invest! Never take a break from expanding your borders and keep your residents content all the time! Take a step to build paradise on earth!

Being a landlord is fun, but it is definitely not easy. As the next owner of the city, you must be fine with starting with one building, waiting for it to pay you back patiently, and moving on to the next one. Each step takes extra thinking and patience, but once you break through, money will be pouring! You can start by using your budget to build your first houses while the first residents start coming in. Fill the land reserved for you to unlock and hop onto another piece of land. You can click on any building to add new apartments and increase the rent. Build benches, street signs, and trees to keep people happy. You will be getting special quests in no time; accept and complete them to get some extra cash for your next projects. Build parking lots, hotels, and ice cream shops to attract more people to your town and run the dreamland!

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PlayCade Interactive GmbH developed Tiny Landlord.

Release Date

July 5, 2022


Colorful and lively city design

Addictive gameplay

Random fun quests

Upgradable in-game features

Improving strategy skills


You can use your mouse to play this game.