Dream Restaurant

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Start small and cook for the whole city with Dream Restaurant! Get lost in an ever-growing sea of customers that rush in as soon as you open your place! Try to keep up with the waves of hungry mouths and expand your place as money flows in!

You can now open the restaurant you have always dreamed of and provide food, coffee, sushi, and deserts for the whole town! Start by serving your first customers and bringing them toasts and hamburgers. Each customer has their order, but keeping a few of both food choices helps you serve faster. Just grab a few hamburgers and as many toasts, move towards your customer, and serve them as soon as they are ready to order. Collect money from happy customers and start making additions to your place. Add new tables, and keep up with the increasing pace. Pay to unlock the waiter table and stop by there to hire new waiters. More staff will take the workload off your shoulders so that you can run around the restaurant and tend to everyone’s needs. Open new branches and start serving donuts, coffee, and sushi options to expand your business!

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Hihoy developed Dream Restaurant.

Release Date

June 14, 2022


Good 3D graphics

Easy controls

Increasing game pace

Upgradable features

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to control your character.