Papa's Donuteria

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In Papa's Donuteria, get ready to get some flour on your hands, and sometimes, on your hair! The world-renowned chef Papa Louie is opening a donut shop in the theme park, and you decided to work there! Heat the oil, knead the dough and let the delicious smells fill the air. Are you ready to deal with hungry and demanding customers?

Being an employee grants a free line jump pass, but sadly the most popular ride is broken and you have to go back to the donut shop and work. Start by either picking an existing character or create your own. You can create yourself or someone you know with the many different customization options. Next, you're ready to fry some donuts! The gameplay is pretty simple and fun! First, a customer will arrive and you should write down their order at the order station. Then visit the dough station to start making the donut. Pick a dough according to the order ticket and shape it. Next, it's time to cook them. Place them in the fryer and keep an eye on the timer and flip meter. Avoid burning donuts or your customers will be unhappy. Finally, it's time to decorate and put the icing on them. Check the order ticket to prepare them correctly! Serve your donuts and enjoy the tips!

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Flipline Studios developed Papa's Donuteria.

Release Date

June 16, 2014


  • Lots of recipes to unlock
  • Mini games
  • Different customers
  • Wide customization options


Use our mouse to play the game.