Tiny Town

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Tiny Town offers grand opportunities for ambitious governors, and you seem just like the person this place needs. Every success story has a humble beginning, and your journey starts in this town. Can you turn this hamlet into a bustling metropolis?

You're a rich investor and saw the potential in this little settlement. Starting only with a city hall, your objective in this game is to improve your town by adding new buildings. The city hall is the base of your operations. To expand the town, you need citizens, and these people need work and food to thrive. Start by adding the factory, as this building will produce food, and this will attract more people. The more food you produce the bigger your population will become! There are other buildings to add to your town too! Each of these 5 buildings produces different resources. Place a mine to get oil and use oil to build a powerplant. With the powerplant, you can have electricity and can upgrade other buildings to improve their production! Your town will earn ranks depending on different criteria such as population and money. Keep your ratings up and show everyone you're the best governor! Have fun playing!

Expanding a town is relatively easy when compared to building an empire! Challenge yourself as you try to dominate the world in Hex Empire next! Click here to start playing now! Enjoy!


  • 8 different buildings
  • Resource management
  • Nice graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.