Adam & Eve 3

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In Adam and Eve 3, witness the epic love story of our favorite couple, Adam and Eve. In the third installment of the game, the old ball and chain is keeping Adam at home and he can't wait to leave. Adam believes in true love and happiness. But his current wife is so grumpy and they can't stand each other anymore. Pff! So much for true love. Can you help him find his true love?

If only we could find someone who looks at us the same way Adam looks at Eve... Everyone deserves to be with someone they love. And Adam is so head over heels for Eve that he can't sleep a wink. But wait a minute. What's that. Woo-hoo! Eve sent him a love note. She loves him, too. Then it's time for the lovers to meet, don't you think? Your objective is to make sure Adam overcomes each risk that awaits on the path to love and meets his darling. You have to help testy cavewoman, trap animals that are blocking your path and get rid of other vicious animals. Just poke the surroundings to discover how you can pass each level and solve the puzzles. You're all that Adam has now to find the love of his life. After all, Adam doesn't want to keep Eve waiting too long.

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Developed by Functu.

Release Date

October, 2017.


  • Many levels to complete
  • Fun gameplay
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls


Use your mouse to play this game.