Amazing Word Twist

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Amazing Word Twist is a fun but challenging game. How many words can you derive with the same letters? If you trust your knowledge of words, this game is just for you! If you are ready to test your limits of your vocabulary memory, start playing now!

Playing with letters can be fun sometimes, but if you are not sufficient in English, it can be really challenging for you! In this exciting puzzle game, you need to derive meaningful words from the letters you see below. To fill the boxes, you need to click on the letter you chose and you click for a second time the letter goes back below. When they compose a meaningful word, you should click the "enter" button in the bottom right corner. There is also a "twist" button to change the order of the letters for you to remember additional words. Use that button to help you to remember a word. If you are stuck and cannot remember any word, you can use the "hint" button under the "twist" button. This button gives you a random letter in a random slot. For extra points, you can also create slang words, but they won't be seen on the table. Have fun with the letters!

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Amazing Hedgehog developed Amazing Word Twist.

Release Date

September 8, 2020


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Multiple levels
  • Changeable themes
  • Challenging and improving skills


You can use your mouse or use your keyboard to write down the words and press enter button.