Drunken Spin Punch

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There is an endless fight of randomly thrown jelly limbs in Drunken Spin Punch, and you are invited! Get on the ring and beat up everyone who dares to stand against you. If you can, that is. Because controlling jelly limbs is a little harder than controlling usual ones with bones, you know.

You can bring a friend to this fight or beat up the enemy powered by your computer. Either way, you’d better be ready to face the fact that it was already hard enough when your arms had bones, but you went and did things causing these spaghetti arms, and now everything is even harder. Do not worry, your enemy has them too if this makes you feel better. You are practically spinning your jelly stick arms around, hoping they would touch the man in front of you as he does the same. At this point, it does not even feel like you are actually punching anything but there is a health bar, so there must be a meaning to all of it. The loser flies out of the ring and falls on a bench that breaks quickly, just like a bar fight. Do not let it bring you down, you have infinite chances to fly out again. Go ahead and challenge your friends in this annoying and funny fight.

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RHM Interactive developed Drunken Spin Punch.

Release Date

November 17, 2021


3D graphics

Funny character design

1P and 2P options

Available on mobile devices


Use arrow keys to move and throw punches.