Street Mayhem: Beat Em Up

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Meet three invincible warriors of the arena, carry the fight to four authentic maps, and show them what you are made of with Street Mayhem: Beat Em Up! Explore the realistic fighting simulation with three-dimensional surroundings, try unique combos and special attacks, and defy your friends in a reality where fists do the talking!

Unravel the thrilling story of Edward, Russell, and Jennifer through a breath-taking adventure of martial arts! You have two different options ahead: a multiplayer quick match mode and the storyline. The multiplayer mode allows both players to choose between three character options and four arenas and compete with each other under equal circumstances. You have City, Dark City, Forset, and Castle as arena options. The story mode, on the other hand, starts with Edward as the main character on the City map. You face different and more advanced enemies as you move forward between maps and fight toward the top. Defeat challenging enemies, unlock new maps, and earn from your fights. Stop by the character shop between rounds and unlock new characters with unique fighting styles. Take down who dares stand against you and prove your skills in the arena!

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RHM Interactive developed Street Mayhem: Beat Em Up.

Release Date

May 18, 2022


Amazing 3D graphics

Two game modes

1P and 2P options

Four maps

3 different characters


Player 1 can use "W, A, S, D" to move, the spacebar to jump, "H" to block, and "F, G" to attack, while Player 2 can use the arrow keys to move, "L" to jump, "P, O" to attack, and "I" to block.