MX Offroad Master

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There is no room for needless acceleration because in Mx Offroad Master it’s all about balance. Invite your best friends to a wild ride! Find ways to ride in harmony or perish together. Or you can put on a match in the free ride open map and try to make each other fall off their bike. The choice is yours!

Controls are easy to understand but hard to get used to, as it is the hardest part of the game. It will take a while to adjust, but once you grasp the right tune it will get more much fun. Once you get there, you can start trying to pull stunts as they will get you coins and diamonds you can change your gear with. Collect enough and stop by the shop; they have new bikes, helmets, costumes, and chains to decorate your bikes. As the equipment gets more advanced, the cost rises. You have two different modes to play; the first is the mountain ride with a defined way to follow, and the other is the free ride in which you are free to explore an open map decorated with different obstacles. Choose whichever suits your mood and pedal up!

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RHM Interactive developed Mx Offroad Master.

Release Date

December 24, 2021


Colorful 3D graphics

1P and 2P options

2 different game modes to choose from

Open maps and improving platforms


Player one can use “W, A, S, D” to move and spacebar for brakes.

Player two can use arrow keys to move and right shift for brakes.