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Test your biking skills on one wheel with Wheelie Bike! This is a game of danger and patience. Of course, stickmen wear helmets and are cautious about their positions while falling, but it is not enough to make this experiment safe enough to try at home. So, now you have this space to find out about the distance you can last on a wheelie!

There is only one rule, and it is simple: the second your front wheel touches the ground, it’s over. Click on your stickman rider, and don’t let that wheel touch the ground. Too much force makes the guy fall backward, and as you can imagine, it hurts. So, it’s also game over. Keep clicking with the right rhythm to keep your front wheel in the air, but not too high that you fall. Keep your balance, and don’t let panic distract you. As we are talking about panic and distractions, there is a death counter on the bottom right of your screen, and this skull symbol displays how many times you have failed. You can also see your high score marked with a cup on the bottom left, so congrats! Which one you will look at is up to you, but the wisest option would be to keep your eyes on the platform.

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FG Studio developed Wheelie Bike.

Release Date

September 4, 2019


Easy controls

Funny theme

Addictive gameplay

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.