Sky City Riders

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In Sky City Riders, it's time to make racing games even more fun! Take the racing arena to the skies and bring a new excitement to bike racing. With countless obstacles on your path, do you think you can reach the finish line before the time ends?

Feeling the breeze in your face while the city lies beneath your feet. It even gets better than this! To make this race even more fun, you can challenge your friend and see who is as fast as the wind. The game features two game modes. The first one is the racing mode where you can either play alone or with a friend. This mode features many different levels that you need to complete. In each level, you need to reach the finish line before the timer at the top of the screen ends. There are ramps, hoops, and other obstacles that you need to cross. You can always press the left shift key to activate nitro and cross these obstacles faster. In the free riding mode, ride around the map carelessly and do stunts either on your own or with a friend. Enjoy!

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RHM Interactive developed Sky City Riders.

Release Date

July 21, 2021


  • 2-player game option
  • New skins and bikes to unlock
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • 2 different game modes


When playing single, you can use the WASD keys to control your character. Press the left shift key to activate nitro. Player one can use the arrow keys to move and left shift for nitro. Player two can use WASD keys and N for nitro. R to restart and C to change camera view.