2022 Dark Academia to eGirl Dress Up

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Get ready for the latest trends because 2022 Dark Academia to Egirl Dressup is coming to break every rule in the closet. From school to social media, these girls’ styles will rock you! Try both styles and choose your favorite or keep watching as the new dress combinations change your opinions.

First, you start by paying a visit to the academia to dress up our first girl and inspire her with new dressing ideas fit for the school. Dark and cold-toned colors are felt heavily in this student sweetheart’s closet, so our options are mainly around there. This pretty girl’s calm and fresh style needs your trendy touch for a photo shoot, so do your best. After you are done, you can choose a scene to your liking and take a final picture of her. Now it is time for our second girl who has more of a modern, e-girl style to herself. Choose from brighter and bolder colors, give her a makeup you like, do her hair, and accessorize her. Again, you can choose another scene to take a photo of this girl and see them side by side to compare their final looks. Some clothes can come locked for both girls, and you can unlock them by watching short ads. Doll them up and leave your sign under these trendy changes! You can also download their pictures in your designed looks.

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SisiGames developed 2022 Dark Academia to Egirl Dressup.

Release Date

December 1, 2021


Detailed character design

Different scenes for posing

2 unique styles to experiment with

Easy to play

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.