4X4 Off Road Rally 3D

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4X4 Off Road Rally 3D offers you a relaxing off-road journey with your luxurious jeep! Explore the heart of nature, enjoy stunning scenes, and get paid by driving in these surroundings! Earn and save big money and use it to unlock new and faster cars to expand your collection!

There is an endless world for you to challenge and discover! The choice is yours; you can try to reach the finish line in the given time or drive out of the route and discover the woods! Get lost in the forest and drive through the flood; always be ready for the extreme conditions nature can put you in! Be slow and steady, as one wrong step can turn you upside down and make you lose at least a few seconds. Drive to the finish line marked with glowing stars and touch the neon square to pass the level. You can stop by the garage and see the car options between every level. This section also works as a milestone that is improving your vehicle stats as the difficulty of the levels increases. You can earn faster by doubling your rewards by watching a shot ad at the end of every level. Have fun losing yourself in the amazing scenery and discovering new maps at every level!

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CarGames.Com developed 4X4 Off Road Rally 3D.

Release Date

May 10, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

New maps every level

Beautiful surroundings

Unlockable content

Available on mobile devices


You can use the “W, A, S, D” to play.