Baby Hazel Dressmaker Dressup

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In Baby Hazel Dressmaker Dressup, Baby Hazel cannot wait to sew new outfits for her customers! She has a lot to do, but before that, she needs your help to get ready for this exciting new profession! Can you create the best outfit for her to be both happy and comfy? Have fun!

Dressmakers make dresses for everyone, but somebody needs to make dresses for them, too! Baby Hazel is about to start in a new profession, she will become a tailor as she has just discovered her talent! It can be a little complicated in the beginning, but don't worry! You just need to create an outfit for her, she will deal with the rest of it. If you are ready to help her, click on the play button to start the game. You can start with changing her style, choose among 6 colorful options. Then you can move on to choosing her socks, you can either choose a long one or an ankle sock. You can get creative as you wish! Create the best style that can be suitable for a tailor! It doesn't end here; you should also choose a top and a bottom that completes her look. Don't forget to complete her outfit with some accessories and cute shoes. Finally, give her sewing supplies her and let her do her job! Have fun!

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Baby Hazel developed Baby Hazel Dressmaker Dressup.

Release Date

February 26, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Dressing up
  • Easy controls
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.