Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square

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In Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square, it is time to challenge yourself! We will see your survival skills and test your patience here in this game! How high can you go to save the pineapple as a tiny little square? If you are ready for this mission, let’s jump into the game right away! Have fun!

New tower, old enemy! The pineapple is screaming! You should find it before it is too late for it! Your goal is to descend the floors of this massive neon skyscraper to reach the pineapple. It will not be simple, to tell you the truth. Hold on to your courage and avoid all of the stumbling blocks on your way. Along the journey, you'll notice small question boxes. They'll warn you about specific challenges you'll face. Pay attention to the warnings and proceed as needed. Red beams, electric wires, and triangles must all be avoided. They have the ability to make you regret your decision to participate in this mission. Respawn where you left off by passing through the checkpoints. From the right top of the game screen, you can see how many lives you have left. Use the keyboard to control your character. Enjoy!

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EO Interactive Ltd. developed Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square.

Release Date

August 3, 2021


  • 2D neon graphics
  • A high tower to climb
  • Fun backstory
  • Entertaining and engaging gameplay


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys for PC controls. Use the touch controls on mobile.