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In Birdy Trick, it is time to rule the skies as a little bird! But there is some problem here! The bigger and dangerous birds are trying to prevent the little bird! With your precious help, this bird needs to reach the destination safely. Can you help her on this journey? Good luck!

Life can be too hard for the little birds in the air. In their life, they seek thrills, excitement, and experiences. But they have no idea that their adventure could turn into a nightmare. Today, like any other day, the little bird will open its eyes and take to the air. What you'll have to do is make sure it survives this flight. To control the bird flying above and down, you can click or tap on the screen. All mountains, forests, wild birds, clouds, and other obstacles should be avoided. And you should never stop clicking, or else the bird can find itself on the ground! There will be no levels to pass, so your aim is to get the highest score possible. To score more points, try to collect the small boxes. The stars will allow you to unlock more characters, which will make the game more enjoyable. By passing near them, you can also invite other small birds to join your character.

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Developer developed Birdy Trick.

Release Date

May 19, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Endless flying adventure
  • Various character skins to unlock
  • Simple control


You can use your mouse or finger to play this game.