Color Water Trucks

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Color Water Trucks invites you to a colorful adventure in which you will test your puzzle skills! What you'll do is to pull the pins so that the water can flow through the trucks! It sounds easy peasy, right? If so, let's click on the play button and see if you can pull the correct pins at the correct time to match the water colors and truck colors now!

You are invited to an amazing puzzle adventure! We bet you have heard of pulling the pins to achieve something great. Today, you are going to pull these pins to allow colorful waters to flow through the trucks. Don't forget! The color of the water must be the same as the color of the truck! It can be a little too easy to complete the levels, but it will get harder and harder to master this amazing game. Use your mouse or finger to tap or click on the pins to remove them. The pins can be pulled or pushed multiple times! The challenge of the game is moving the pins at the correct time and strategies. If you move the wrong one, the water can flow into a truck of another color. You can click on the restart button from the right top of the game screen to restart your current level. Good luck and have fun!

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Developer developed Color Water Trucks.

Release Date

June 29, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Several levels to complete
  • Simple controls
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


You can use your mouse or finger to play this game.