Zen Triple 3D

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Find identical objects in a 3D sphere with Zen Triple 3D! Match the items floating in a transparent sphere, hold and rotate them, and discover the pile from different angles! Build strategies to solve the levels of this relaxing puzzle and complete levels of challenges! Let’s dive further into this challenge!

Leave your worries and daily stress, lay back, and ready your mind for a relaxing workout! Enjoy the calming theme and the satisfying colors while working on your matching puzzle skills. You do not have to worry about the simple game controls; just keep your eyes sharp and mind open for the changing angles! There is a pile of random toys and objects placed in a sphere before you! You can hold and rotate the sphere, but the objects will float and move around while you do so. So, checking your every chance first and then moving the sphere as a last resort is the best tactic to follow. Do not give up and keep moving on, because new playable item sets unlock every few levels, and they are worth a shot! You can multiply your stars at the end of each level by watching short ads! You can also check the main menu for treasure chests filled with rewards!

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Albayoo developed Zen Triple 3D.

Release Date

July 29, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Satisfying animations and effects

Easy controls

Fun and addictive levels

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.