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Congratulations, you are invited to Eliza's Heavenly Wedding! Get your most beautiful gown ready; we have flowers to catch! But before the celebrations, we have a lot to do. Thanks to you, they don't seem that difficult now! Can you help us plan our beloved princess's wedding and take the best wedding pictures? You can also apply effects and stickers and share them afterward!

You have two bridesmaids and a bride to get ready for the wedding of the year. You can start with the bridesmaids escalate from there. It is important to have the colors and theme planned to have things looking in harmony when the wedding starts. Dressing these beauties in the same colors can help you keep the wedding style together. Choose the best gowns, accessories, bags, and flowers to prepare them for Eliza's party. Then you can move on to the real star of the day, and put her makeup on. We want her shining on the first day of her new life so a little glitter wouldn't hurt anyone! Don't hold back; choose the colors of your dream wedding and keep everything glamorous. Finish her makeup with a fabulous touch, and choose the dream bridal gown! With the flowers and veil, you are ready to rock the most special day of their lives!

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Top Girl Games developed Eliza's Heavenly Wedding.

Release Date

November 1, 2021


Easy to play

Many fabulous gowns to choose from

3 princesses to dress up

Different effects and scenes for your photo

Detailed preparation

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.