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Help Ellie get ready for another day in Ellie Get Ready With Me 2! The sun is up, the alarm is going off, but Ellie is not feeling like getting out of bed. Finally, she can shake the sleep off and join us. Now we are responsible for her looks. From skincare to hair color, makeup, and shoes; we have to recreate her! If you're ready, let's encourage her with a new style!

Ellie starts her day with a hot shower. Wash her hair, use shampoo and hair cream, rinse and dry. After some shaping, we get to the skincare part. Use special tools on her zits and apply a soothing strawberry mask on her face. With the help of tweezers and moisturizers, Ellie is now ready for her makeup. You can choose a soft touch, or go with a bold and glamorous night look. Now choose a hair style and color after her makeup to complete her face. You have wild colors as well as natural ones, so it's all up to your imagination. The last station before the wardrobe is her nail art; you can paint all her nails in different colors, or go with the same color, stickers, and patterns. Finally, she is ready for a little dress-up! Choose shoes, skirts, dresses, and accessories by unlocking them. Add your final touch, and voila, there she is, ready for another day!

If you would like to help Ellie further, you can play Ellie Get Ready With Me, and give her a new look with a brand new wardrobe.


Top Girl Games developed Ellie Get Ready With Me 2.

Release Date

December 3, 2021


Colorful 2D graphics

Detailed gameplay

Unlockable choices

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.