Farming Simulator

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In Farming Simulator, leave the busy city life behind and get ready to enjoy the peace of rural life! You might miss the chaos of the city, but watching the crops growing offers that much-needed break from the busy lifestyle of urban living. Wear your boots, grab your tools, and get some dirt on your hands!

Get ready to take the role of a farmer and spend time at the outdoors! Your objective in this game is to cultivate the soil, grow crops, and harvest the produce. Each level in this game has a different objective for you to complete. Before starting the game, select a tractor. You have various options, and each has different stats. Only one is available in the beginning, but you can unlock the rest later. After picking a tractor, you should attach the correct tool for your objective to it. You can activate the tool with the X key. In the upper left corner of the screen, you'll see your vehicle's fuel meter. You should pay attention to that while working. You complete a level when you complete the objective. You can unlock other tractors with the money you earn.

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Release Date

February 2019


  • 3D graphics
  • Three farming vehicles to drive
  • Fuel meter
  • Multiple levels


Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, use X key to activate your tools.