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Get 12, if you can! All you need to do is to match the same numbers. How can it be difficult? The answer is all hidden inside of the game. If you are one of those who like challenging themselves with brainstorming and strategical thinking, you are invited to this fun puzzle adventure. But first, purge your brain and relax. Because you will need those feelings once you get in the game. If you are ready now, let it begin!

Do you like playing with the numbers? If so, you are going to fall for this fun puzzle game. You can train your brain by brainstorming and improving your strategic thinking skills. The only objective that you should be following is to match the same numbers. Match till you reach the number 12. Click on the number 1 and another 1 to get 2. Then, match the 2 with another 2 to get 3. When there are no same numbers to match, the game gets stuck, and you should start from the beginning. It will be easier to continue when you get the logic of the game as you proceed. You can track your best score and your current score from the top of the game screen. If you are ready to play now, then let's see until which number you can proceed now!

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Developer developed Get 12.

Release Date

June 16, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Endless puzzles to enjoy
  • Playing with numbers
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use your mouse or finger to play this game.