Ice Cream Pirates

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In Ice Cream Pirates, you have a big treasure to protect! In this fun strategy game, you will be playing as a beaver whose job is to protect the precious treasure from the greedy pirates. So, what reward will you get as a result? Ice cream of course! With simple controls and a little bit of brainstorming, there is nothing that can stop you now!

As it is obvious from your gold earring and your cool scarf, you were working with the pirates in the past. But, once you realized how greedy they are, you decided to act against them. And there is nothing you cannot do for some delicious ice cream! Your objective in this fun game is to put traps on the path going to the treasure to stop the pirates. But you must make a strategic plan for the traps because pirates have various items to avoid them. Make sure the orders of the traps can reduce their number. For example, they can use a knife for a dog attack and get away with their attempt. Or, they can use a firebrand to prevent the gorilla from hurting them. If your order fails, you can simply change their spots as many times as you want. You can check the pirate number that you should stop from the left top of the screen. In the middle top of the screen, see the items that the pirates will use against obstacles. If you are ready now, let's have some ice cream, shall we?

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Kizi developed this game.


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • A cute beaver as the character
  • Puzzle included strategy game
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay


You can play this game with your mouse.