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Become the makeup artist of a world-famous Korean supermodel with Korean Supermodel Makeup! This girl has made it, and now she is on every billboard. As her face is known by everyone, she can sometimes need help from professional makeup artists for events, and you are perfect for this job!

Manage every little detail on her flawless face and add to her fame! Now let's pick up the brush and get her ready for the next big show!
There are two stages of her preparation: one consists of her makeup, and the other one includes her hair and accessory choices. It goes with this order, so we start with her brush. You can choose between six natural colors, or give her adorable freckles in this section. Then we color her eyebrows and move on to her lipstick. We have eight options, two of which are sparkly colors. Decide between fancy and casual, and let's get to her eyes! Choose her eyeshadow, contact lens color, mascara, and eyeliner, and that's it! Now we can continue with her hair. There are eight options in different natural colors. You can give her buns or leave her hair down. Now give her glasses, earrings, or maybe a crown, and voila! She is ready for her photoshoot, thanks to you!

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DL-studio developed Korean Supermodel Makeup.

Release Date

January 18, 2022


Detailed makeup options

Color and style variations

Easy to play

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.