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Pou invites you to its colorful world full of fun! As the best friend of this playful alien, get ready to take care of it and have fun together through different activities!

Being a pet alien isn't easy for this cute character, but luckily you're here to spend time with it! When you first begin the game, Pou is a baby. From his hygiene to fun, you're responsible of this clueless alien. Why not try playing some games with it? Select the controller icon from the top of the screen to browse different minigames. Did it get dirty? Click on the bathroom icon from the bottom of the screen and prepare it for bath time! Use soap and water to clean your new best friend, and don't forget to brush the teeth! How about dressing it up? Visit the dressing room to customize the look of Pou! Let's grab something for it to eat. Visit the kitchen and choose different foods and drag those to Pou to feed it. You can see Pou's needs at the top of the screen. With each task you complete, you'll earn experience points. As you level up, you unlock new items, clothes, and many more things! Don't forget to complete daily missions as well!

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Zakeh Limited developed Pou.

Release Date

November 18, 2021


  • Cute character Pou
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Different activities to do
  • Daily missions
  • Various minigames to play
  • Unlockable customization options


You can play the game with your mouse or the touch screen controlsç