Super Buddy Run 2: Crazy City

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In Super Buddy Run 2 Crazy City, jump into the car and brace yourself because you'll be performing amazing stunts! Are you ready to show that you're one of the most fearless drivers, and prove that you can overcome any obstacles regardless of the danger? Then start the engine and drive away!

We don't encourage you to perform these stunts in real life, as the character of this game is a professional! Your objective is to complete each level by reaching the flags at the end. This sounds easy, but there are many obstacles between you and the finish line. To drive the car, simply click and hold your mouse - or if you're playing on a mobile device, your finger - on the screen. When you're in the air, keeping holding your finger/mouse on the screen will make you perform rolls. These stunts will earn you points, but be careful. Landing on the hood of your car or falling down to the gaps between the platforms will end the game. So time your moves carefully. Collect those shiny coins too, as you can unlock different vehicles to drive with these. Have fun and drive safe!

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Kiz10 developed Super Buddy Run 2 Crazy City.

Release Date

October 14, 2021


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 4 different vehicles to unlock and drive
  • Intuitive controls
  • Challenging and entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse or the touch screen controls to play the game.