Traffic Tour

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Go with the wind in Traffic Tour! Modify your favorite car in the best way and hop in it. Let loose with high speed and challenge the racer in you in this racing game.

Here you have a racing game that will take you through all the steps of a complex process. From choosing your car to modifying it according to your taste, you will have full control over this race. Once you choose your car, upgrade the power engine, turbo speed, brakes, and other features with the money you have, and you collected throughout other races. You can even unlock extra lives or watch rewarded ads to get more money and coins. Once you complete your car, make sure to take a good look at it thanks to the 3D, 360-degree tour. You can choose one of the five game modes and let go. Let’s see if you can become the king of the roads through all the modes and all the parkours!

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Wolves Interactive developed Traffic Tour.

Release Date

September 19, 2022


• Realistic 3D graphics

• Many different car models and modification options

• Four different game modes

• Bonus rewards available

• Daily event to try winning different prizes


You can use your WASD to rotate the car.