Ultra Pixel Survive

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With Ultra Pixel Survive, it is time to find out how to survive in this pixel world craziness! Improve your character's skills and help them to beat evil creatures. Build shelters, collect resources, and create defenses to proceed in the game. You can create your own environment, your house while joining in the battles. How much can you sacrifice to make a life in this adventure?

Welcome to this amazing role-playing game with a pixel art component of the visual series! Here, you will be controlling different heroes who are living in wildlife. To unlock new characters, you must complete the goals that are given and beat all the enemies to stay alive. Collect resources like stones, woods, herbs, and nutrition to use. With the resources, you can construct buildings, make fires, and produce food. Use the axes and other weapons to collect your sources and turn them into shelters and defenses. Several evil creatures and monsters may cross your path but stay calm. All the heroes, including yours, have a unique superpower! Upgrade the stats of your character with your earnings! Good luck and have fun

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Gold Skull Studios developed Ultra Pixel Survive.

Release Date

August 24, 2021


  • 2D colorful and pixelated graphics
  • Various characters with unique abilities
  • Collecting resources and building defenses
  • Fun and engaging gameplay with cute backstory


A and D to move. Left click/K to attack. SPACE BAR to jump. F key to dodge. Press the ability button/E with the mouse to use the ability. 1,2,3 to change tools.