Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure

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Help Sara collect the ingredients for her dishes and cook for the guests with Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure! Match the items in groups to collect them! Make move combos to get booster cooking utensils and combine them to discover new moves with spicy visual effects! Let's step into the kitchen!

Sara's restaurant is pretty busy today. She would normally gather the ingredients herself, but it is impossible when the restaurant is this crowded. So, she needs a friend to get the items while she does the cooking. She will give you a new grocery list every level so you can get them for her. You can check the list on the right to see what Sara needs from you. Find the object on the game table and align three of it to make a move. Each ingredient you match goes to Sara. You can match four or five identical items to get boosters. These boosters can clean out an area with one click. You can also combine two same or different boosters to trigger new special moves and double the effect! Pass stages, unlock new features, and start levels with help! Give Sara a hand and cook the most delicious dishes together!

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Agame developed Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure.

Release Date

August, 2022


Nice graphics and bright colors

Fun cooking theme

Cute characters

Tips and boosters

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to hold and swap ingredients.