DOP 2 Delete One Part

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Get ready to solve some fun puzzles in DOP 2 Delete One Part! Would it be nice if you had the chance to make everything right with just one touch? Now, you have the magical power to put everything in order with your magic eraser, and it’s time to put it to use!

In this game, you will see endless levels of drawings of fun scenarios. At each level, there is a problem in those scenarios. These problems are normally hard to solve. But thanks to your magical eraser, you can now handle any situation quickly. All you must do is to read the short descriptions or questions given at all levels. Although some of the instructions are a little tricky, you should give them a try at each level. Just wrap your head around what the problem is and simply delete things from the drawings. Hopefully, the problem will be solved, and you will have the perfect situation at hand when you’re done!

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YAD.Com developed DOP 2 Delete One Part.

Release Date

December 20, 2021


• 2D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels

• Intuitive controls

• Unique gameplay

• Interesting riddles to solve


You can use the mouse of your computer to intervene with the pictures.