Evil Nun Schools Out

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Escape from evil nuns and save your life in Evil Nun Schools Out! You are being held hostage at a spooky and abandoned school. You fear for your life, but you got to be quiet because evil nuns can hear anything. So, get ready to try to survive this evil place as calmly as possible!

In this game, you are given two options of storyline to lose yourself in. In the ‘escape mode’, you are being held in detention. The evil nuns and the zombies around are waiting for you to make a single sound to come and kill you. When you are this stressed, you have to be careful of what you grab and drop to the ground. You should be careful even while opening the doors. In this version, you must follow the tips and find a way to escape this damned place in 5 days. In the ‘shooter mode’, you act as the mother of the girl entrapped in the first version. After your sister achieves escaping this scary school, you go there to take revenge. So, get your gun and try to kill all the zombies while trying to find the crosses to complete the game. To eventually kill the evil nun herself, you will need to find all the crosses. Now, get ready for an amazingly captivative horror game with amazing graphics and sound effects but try to stay calm while completing the game!

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kiz10.com developed Evil Nun Schools Out.

Release Date

September 23, 2021


  • 3D spooky graphics
  • Scary sound effects and game music
  • Escape and shooting mode
  • Challenging enemies
  • Engaging plot


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to command your character, the cursor for the view, the F key to grab the objects, the G key to drop the objects, and the left-click to shoot in the shooter mode.