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Place numbers to build a path with Guess the Path! Start from one and fill the boxes with numbers from low to high to create links between them! Strategize your next moves, do not run out of time, and avoid mistakes to collect stars and get purple diamonds!

You can now forget about work and school, and relax while leveling up your logic skills with this number puzzle! Start with one and fill the tiles using each number once. Arrange the numbers from the lowest to the highest while linking them. You can start with the tutorial puzzle and follow the steps shown. The first levels will ask you to use numbers from one to nine and create links between each number and the next one. To do so, you must quickly build a strategy before making a move. You can use the eraser tool to take moves back, but it costs you a star at the end of the stage. Avoid wasting time and use your time in the most effective way to finish levels with the highest scores and get your diamonds. You can use these diamonds to get hints and reveal tiles. Keep playing and ready your logic skills for harder levels!

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Playtouch developed Guess the Path.

Release Date

August 9, 2022


1600 addictive levels

Relaxing theme

Tutorial level and hints

Gift and prizes

Increasing difficulty

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.