Jetpack Race Run

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Put your jetpack on and participate in obstacle races with Jetpack Race Run! Rush toward the finish line while floating in the skies and passing near other players! Follow the wire you are connected to through your belt, draw circles around it to avoid hitting blocks, and speed up with the help of your reflexes!

Welcome to the race of the future! We built an obstacle course in the sky for your entertainment. Your belt will be attached to a metal wire built between the start and finish lines for your safety, so forget about your fear of heights and just focus on your mission. It’s possible to orbit around the line, so you can change your position without getting closer or further from it. Move left and right to find the perfect position to pass between rotating sticks. Stand on the other side of the road while passing near the half discs. Touching these obstacles does not kill you, but it slows you down, and that might cause you to lose this race. Do not compare yourself with your opponents; you might be starting behind them, but once you get the momentum, it’s a matter of seconds before you close the gap. Have fun!

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Developer developed Jetpack Race Run.

Release Date

July 13, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Fun and futuristic theme

Addictive levels and gameplay

Challenging courses

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to hold and rotate the character.