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Live a secret life of fame, love, and drama with Lady Popular! Jump into another dimension and get your dream life with a fabulous wardrobe, the flat you have always wanted, and an amazing boyfriend! Complete daily quests, try your luck with the wheel of fortune, and get lost in the details of life under the spotlights!

Start by creating yourself. You can make your character look like you in real life or create an alter ego with completely opposite looks. Get some starting clothes from the shop the instructions take you to. Don’t worry, you won’t be wearing them forever; you can always come back and check other collections. Then, you will be introduced to the podium on which other players from all around the world compete in style. Get a pet bunny and buy some clothes for it. Of course, you will need an apartment to live with the bunny you just adopted. Spread this cuteness into your room and get some furniture that goes with the love mood on the air. And finally, you can meet your boyfriend and get into city life officially! From here on, the only way is up! Find your voice and get known by your unique style!

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XS Software developed Lady Popular.

Release Date

December 22, 2022


Detailed life simulation

Wide shopping options

Interactive competitions

New content every week


You can use your mouse to play.