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Magic Pom welcomes you to a magical link-3 world with our cute friends, poms! In this world, you will be traveling through 6 fascinating places while enjoying lots of link-3 adventures in each! These little creatures called poms may seem quite cute, but they also can give you a headache during the adventures. Why? Let's start the game now and find it out!

This engaging puzzle game is a very unique one because it is a combination of match-3 and link-2 games that will make you sit in front of the screen for hours of fun! Featuring cute characters with a fun backstory and dozens of challenging levels, you can be really addicted to this game. If you are ready to begin, click on the play button and start the game! Your objective is to complete the goal, given at the beginning of the level by matching at least 3 of the same poms. Click on one and drag your mouse through the others to link them. If you link more than 4, you will get various boosters to help you out to reach the goal. If you get stuck or there will be no same 3 poms on the board, you can click on the reshuffle button situated at the right bottom corner of the game screen. Good luck now and have fun playing!

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Release Date



  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Cute characters and backstory
  • 6 places to visit
  • 60 linking adventures in each place


You can use your mouse to play this game.