Mahjong Alchemy

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With Mahjongg Alchemy, get ready for a different mahjong experience! Featuring gold and silver new-brand pieces and time challenges, this fun puzzle game brings a new concept to the old Chinese game. Apart from new theme modifications, this is a classic Mahjongg game with simple old rules. So, in a limited time, how many tiles can you remove from the board in order to open up new distribution designs?

There is always a fight between modern and traditional. But with this fun puzzle game, both managed to unite by finding the perfect harmony. However, the rules are pretty much the same. Compared to classical Mahjongg games, you have fewer tiles in each deal. Your objective is, of course, removing all the tiles from the board to continue with the new tile deals. To remove the tiles, you should match the same icons. To remove a tile, at least one side of it should be free from others. Here is a little suggestion for you. If you start removing from the corners and the top ones, it will be much easier to unblock the others. You can see your remaining time at the top of the screen. Even if you clear the desk, the game continues with new tile deals until the time is over. Good luck and enjoy!

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Arkadium developed this game.

Release Date

December 9, 2019


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • 2 view options as perspective and front
  • Time limitation
  • Simple control


You can play this game with your mouse.