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In Match Arena, get ready to compete against other players! Adding a touch of competition to the classic gameplay of match 3 genre, you have a lot to achieve in this fun and addictive title. Can you complete all the quests and overcome the challenges?

Featuring colorful graphics and cute characters, are you ready to collect points and beat others with your high scores? The objective of this game is to be the player to complete the objective on many different levels. The game features 2 different modes, one of the league mode and the other one is the challenge mode. Both of these modes are multiplayer. In the challenge mode, you have a daily challenge to complete. You try to be the player with the most scores in this mode. In the league mode, there are many different stages and levels you can complete. Use your mouse to move the colorful shapes to create a row of 3 or more of them to remove them from the board. There'll be different tasks you need to complete, and you should have more points than your opponent before you run out of moves. As you complete levels, you can unlock the rest of the stages and earn treasures! Good luck!

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The Pew Pew developed Match Arena.

Release Date

January 23, 2019


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Various different levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls
  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Different quests to complete
  • Challenge mode


You can use your mouse to play games.