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Adopt and take care of the most adorable virtual pets with Pet Idle! It does not matter if you are allowed to have pets or not, you can grow your paw army here! Build homes for your pets, tend a garden that grows boosting fruits, and meet your furry babies’ needs!

The game helps you through the very first crucial steps, like adopting a new pet and taking care of its vital needs like food, water, bath, play, and sleep. After comprehending these, you can start taking them out and keeping them content by yourself. You earn gold coins and energy after every successfully completed action. You will use these coins to buy and upgrade almost everything in the game, so use them carefully. Keep your pets’ bowls and bellies full, collect money to rescue more pets you can look after, and start tending your own garden where you can grow fruits that give a temporary boost to your pets. Spin the lucky wheel and win random prizes every day. Complete simple quests to earn gifts you can use to make them even happier. Don’t forget to rub the bellies of your small friends once in a while to show some extra love!

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Alphaquest Games developed Pet Idle.

Release Date

March 17, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Detailed pet care

Adorable character design

Unlockable content

Daily gifts


You can use your mouse to play this game.