Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble

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In Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble, your problem-solving skills are needed to stop this chaos and let everything go back to normal! Our beautiful princess is getting ready to throw a big party. There's one teeny weeny problem, though. The evil witch is not invited. Now that the witch has destroyed the castle, there's no way to throw a party. But the witch has forgotten one thing: the princess has you by her side. For you, getting rid of this mess is child's play. Let's begin then!

There's nothing quite like a good party to lift up the spirits. Our heroine is way too excited and can't wait. But the jealousy of the evil witch has created a problem. Your objective is to fix this problem and make sure that Juliet is ready for the ball. There are 3 levels to play. First things first. You have to find the necessary items to sew a dress. They are scattered all over the place and you need to play mini-games to find them. You can see the items you need to find at the bottom of the screen. Now that you have all the necessary items we can design and sew the dress. Oh, you're going to look perfect tonight. Last but not least, we have to clean this castle, fix the broken chairs and cover rips in curtains. Everything is ready for tonight and she will look wonderful in her pink dress. All thanks to you!

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Developed by Bofer Media (Twim Studio).

Release Date

October, 2017.


  • Fun gameplay
  • 3 levels to complete
  • Easy controls
  • Mini games to play


Use your mouse to play.