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In, decide whom you want to be and grab your weapons to join a dangerous fight with people all around the world! The people of this city must have gone crazy because destroying everything you see is the main idea to win this fight! If you are ready to cover this city with flying bullets, let the game begin!

What are you ready to do for the sake of the big reward? In a place filled with characters of different occupations, there is only one thing that everyone wants. Your objective in this thrilling IO game is to destroy everything you see to gain rewards and kill the opponents to run for the biggest reward. All the players have bounties on their heads and the amount is increasing as they destroy the items. Start traveling around the city and collect various deadly weapons. Each shoot will earn you money in the game. But killing the players will earn you more. So, try to catch the ones with the biggest bounties to earn big. You can also steal a car on the street and continue your chaos while driving. Shoot with left-click and use the arrows or WASD keys to move around. As a shield, you can pick a wall and place it with the right-click. Press SPACE to take the weapons and SHIFT key to escape faster from enemies. Good luck!

If you want to beat more opponents to prove that you are the one and only lord in the world, you can visit


Mathew Matakovic developed this game.

Release Date

January 2018


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Various deadly weapons to collect
  • Different vehicles to steal
  • Various fun character options


Left click to shoot and right click to place walls. Arrows or WASD keys to move. SPACE to take an item and SHIFT to sprint.