Solitaire Mahjong Classic

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Match the classical mahjong-themed tiles of Solitaire Mahjong Classic! Find the identical images, match them with one another, and run your attention skills against the running time! Work your puzzle-solving muscles while having fun with this addictive version of the ancient Chinese traditional game! Enjoy the relaxing theme while taking a break from the daily stress!

Enjoy the all-time classic puzzle with a modernized and player-friendly interface! Match the identical tiles with amazing traditional designs, score points, and solve puzzles against the time limit! You can start your first match without losing any time. Hit “play” and scan the table carefully. The clock starts ticking once you make your first move, so plan carefully before taking a step. Start with the tiles on the top and slowly make your way to the lower tiles to keep as many tiles as available. Running out of moves ends the game, so keeping your options open is what keeps a match going. Each type of tile brings different scores; you can always check them from the introductions. Do not forget to pause the game before moving away from the screen. You can always get free hints by watching a short ad if you ever get stuck! Good luck!

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SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH developed Solitaire Mahjong Classic.

Release Date

July 18, 2022


Fun for all ages

Traditional tile design

Hints and instructions

Easy to play

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.