Solitaire Seasons

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Match the cards in the right order, make combos to get help from Joker Cards, and complete levels with three stars to make the maximum score with Solitaire Seasons! Enjoy the relaxing puzzle-like digital version of the all-time classic card game Solitaire! Adapt to the changing seasons and complete ten levels in each!

While the original Solitaire games require you to sort cards by suit or color, this immersive digital version brings a new challenge to the table. The cards are placed on the table in a Mahjong-like order, and you must match the cards on the top to reveal the cards at the bottom. The problem is that you can easily run out of cards while trying to match a card on the table with your deck. This is where the combos and rewards come to save you. By making 7-move combos without dealing new cards, you can unlock a Joker Card. These Joker Cards can be used instead of any card and save you when you are cornered. You can also get them by watching a short ad. The bar to your right shows your score and decreases with each passing second. You can check it to see how many stars you got. Good luck!

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bestphysics developed Solitaire Seasons.

Release Date

June 1, 2022


Improving logic skills

Unlockable boosters

40 levels in four different themes

Addictive gameplay

Available on mobile devices


Use your mouse to play.