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Spin lottery wheels, sign in for daily prizes, and use your new toys at the battleground to smash your enemies with TankWar.io! Join deathmatches and defy players and bots to be the last survivor in the arena! Unlock and upgrade war machines, and rise higher on the list of winners in these life and death competitions!

Prepare yourself for a unique io game that will take you directly into the battlefield! Random chances to double your rewards, daily prizes, lucky spins, and unlockable mechanical beasts are waiting for you! Start by accepting your first gift and taking your first step into the arena! There are no teams or allies once you step into this war zone. Every tank fights for itself. Staying out of the enemy fire and shooting when you get the chance is the best tactic to survive here. Everyone has health bars, and running out of health points leaves you out of the fight. Pick up boosts to heal, get a speed boost, and improve your attack power for a short while. Stop moving to get a temporary shield that disappears once you start moving again. Use the timings and the range of your vehicle wisely to dominate the war zone!

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HolaStudio developed TankWar.io.

Release Date

April 21, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Unlockable content

Improving character stats


Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.