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Can you solve this puzzle of tiles with Tricky Tiles? Face different colored domino tiles at every level and place them in the right positions to win. Enjoy this brain-challenging adventure and give yourself the chance to get stuck and fail freely, because you can restart whenever you want!

You will start from the easiest but soon find yourself staring at your screen with empty eyes questioning the meaning of all this life we have built on earth. The levels that consistently get harder can be a mood killer, but this is how you get better at this puzzle. Learn to speak the language of tiles and let them teach you how to smoothly fix them from the start. Changing levels will bring you more hardship with differently designed unique tiles. You will even get to complete famous masterpieces recreated in tiles! Just hold the tiles and pull them in the directions you want to place them. Always check all pieces and make sure everything fits well before starting so you can avoid unnecessary complications. You can always mess up, but no worries, because you are free to! Hit the restart button on the upper left corner of your screen and start anew. This is a relaxing and non-judgmental safe space where only achievements matter.

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Nevar Games developed Tricky Tiles.

Release Date

November 2, 2021


Colorful and relaxing graphics

Easy controls

Available on mobile devices


Use your mouse to move tiles.