Uphill Rush 9

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Ride cars, horses, or even unicorns with tiger patterns with Uphill Rush 9! Unlock monsters, historical figures, or popular movie characters as jockeys and be whoever you want to be! Finish races, earn reward money, upgrade your rider, and create the unthinkable combinations! Trust your horse with the stunts, take the deals at the end of every level and double the money to double the fun!

Controls are easy, but they require skills to keep the balance while pulling the stunts with the right timing. As you don't have many character or horse options at the beginning of the game, jump right into the run and start collecting gold! You can use boosts to stay in the air for longer while falling. Your horse is indeed a talented one, it can swim in the sea, jump from great heights, and do not hurt a leg. Leave the survival part to it, and focus on the show you put on together! Let the energizing music lift your mood and speed up towards the checkpoints! Keep the acrobatics high and get three stars. Use your gold to upgrade your horse's acceleration, speed, balance, and boost, and reach the top!

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Agame developed Uphill Rush 9.

Release Date

March 1, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Fun farm theme

Easy controls

Upgradable vehicles

Unlockable skin options

Available on mobile devices


Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to use speed boost.