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Get revenge on the evil humans that trapped you with Angry Rex Online! Play as a red T-Rex, stomp on any obstacle that dares to stand in your way, and eat the human soldiers that want to capture you! Complete the level quests by eating as many people as requested, make it to the finish line, and do not leave anyone alive!

Get out of the depths you have been lurking in and wander the streets of a city to survive day by day! Devour your enemies to punish them for the bullets they shoot at you! Eat humans to survive and get revenge for all your ancestors who were depicted as giant and emotionless monsters! Follow the main mission day by day and bring the age of dinosaurs back to earth! Your job is simple: you must watch where you're going, dodge bullets, and eat everything that breathes! This abandoned city is dangerous to walk on, so you must keep an eye on cracks and spaces. Jump over traps, and obstacles, focus on your target, and swallow them whole! Follow the numbers above to see the number of people left on the map, and eat everyone to move on to the finish line!

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Developer developed Angry Rex Online.

Release Date

July 28, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

15 levels and chapters

Increasing challenge

Available on mobile devices


You can use the arrow keys to play this game.