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In Basket Random, grab your uniform and get ready for an outrageous basketball experience without even going out! You can play this game either against a friend to show off your aiming skills, or you can play solo against CPU to practice before facing a real opponent! Enjoy the changing background, which will take you to every one of 4 seasons! Now, have your finger ready to click, and let's start the game!

You do not have to be very tall to play this fun basketball game! In this multiplayer sports game, your objective is to shoot 5 baskets to beat your opponents and pass to the following rounds. To do so, simply click with your mouse or press the up-arrow key to jump and hit the ball. Watch out where you direct your hit and try not to make your shoot to your own hoop. When you start the game, the players will be moving automatically. Create a good strategy because when you jump, the players will be moving to that side. The one, who reaches 5 shots, takes the round. But you can restart the game and play as many times as you want. With each basket shot, the setting, the hoops, balls, and the scenery are changing. May the best player wins!

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RHM Interactive developed Basket Random.

Release Date

April 21, 2020


  • Solo or two-player options
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Endless basketball experience
  • Intuitive controls


Player 1 can use the up arrow key to play in both game modes, while player 2 can use the W key to play. For solo mode, you can simply use your mouse.